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21 Questions: Is Your Orgaization Ready for Social Media?

Here are 20 questions which every entrepreneur, communications professional and organizational leader should ask him, or herself, before setting up that social media account (We’ll explore the answers later):

  1. Does your organization have a business plan?
  2. Does your organization have a marketing plan?
  3. Does your organization have a communications plan?
  4. Are your real-world communications effective in reaching your target audiences and are your messages effective, in general?
  5. Are the communications within your organizations developed and running as smoothly as possible to meet internal organizational needs?
  6. Do the management functions of your organization run smoothly, or haphazardly?
  7. Do your target audiences care about what’s going on at your organization?
  8. Do the people who already know about, and work at, your organization care about what you’ve already been doing?
  9. Do you have the trained staff needed to develop and manage social media?
  10. Does your staff know the basics of copyright, trademark, privacy, and technology law?
  11. Are YOU ready to socialize through Internet media?
  12. Are YOU, or your designated staff, ready to stay on top of the best practices for social media, public relations, and subjects which overlap the usage of social media for organizations?
  13. Do you know some of the basic benefits and potential hazards of using social media?
  14. Have you defined your organization’s communications goals yet?
  15. Are you ready to potentially receive brutally honest feedback from disgruntled customers, or others?
  16. Do you know where to find your target audience, and do you know whom they are?
  17. Have you branded your organization yet?
  18. Do you do everything at the “last minute”?
  19. Are you, and your staff, organized?
  20. Do you have the budget needed to incorporate social media into your communications plan?
  21. What are your organization’s goals and why do you think using social media would help you to reach those goals?

These questions are not a holistic diagnostic tool, but can help you to determine if your organization (whether it’s a small business or a nonprofit) is really ready to devote the time, energy and know-how to develop a strong and effective social media plan which will help to drive your organization’s success.

We’ll explore these more in-depth in order to give information, tips, ideas and insights into how to get the most out of social media (and other Internet media) usage in your organization. But for now, be sure to answer these questions for your organization, and post any other questions you have about social media readiness on this page.

What questions do you have? Ask away!

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