Beginning the Natural Journey-Please Join Me

I’m always glad to share good news! This re-blogged post was written by one of my former classmates who is documenting her journey to better health and better living, in general— all on a budget! In today’s society, it seems that we have forgotten (or, maybe many of us have never known) what it means to be healthy and to live life “to the fullest”.

Follow the “Being Natural on a Budget” blog by Frugal Bohemian at https://beingnaturalonabudget.wordpress.com/ and get tips, ideas, resources, information AND inspiration on how you can improve (or, continue) your natural healthy living journey 🙂

The Frugal Amazonian

Hello visitors! I am Francis and I am happy to welcome you into my journey, experiences, and finds on transitioning to a natural and more healthier lifestyle all while being on a budget. Please look around and if you see something you like, don’t be shy about leaving a comment, like, or share.

My goal is to share what I have learned so far on my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Two years ago I was so unhealthy it was embarrassing. The sad part is that I was totally oblivious to my rapidly declining health. A random trip to my primary care physician changed all that. My doctor proceeded to tell me that I was suffering from type II diabetes,hypertension, high cholesterol, acid reflux, and the fact that I weight around 300 lbs didn’t help anything. The excess weight often caused me lower back pain, knee pain, and shortness of…

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