30 Days of Thankfulness, Challenges

Day #5 – I’m thankful for the ability to choose

I am a descendent of African slaves. On my mother’s side, my great-grandparents were born near the end of American slavery. On my daddy’s side, an African woman was given as a gift to her master’s son.

If my great-grandparents knew that their great-granddaughter had a choice in her occupation, what would they say, or think? And what if my 6th great-grandmother Vicey, knew that I was able to chose the man whom I’ll marry? What would she say? She, never had the freedom to choose. None of them knew what it was like to choose when it came to some of the most basic life decisions.

We vote. We scream. Some of us rise up early, and many of us stay up late. We have parties. We go to school, and others drop out while others choose to never go to school at all. Some of us even become millionaires while others travel the world. None of this would be possible without the ability to choose.

So, today, I reflect on the freedom I have to choose— and the freedom not to choose.

(Remember: some people are forced to do things and to not do things against their wills every day— that   is   not    freedom.)

Let’s find ways to help someone else to become free:

  • Human Trafficking is a global problemthink about ways to help fight against it, and to protect your loved ones, and someone else’s loved ones. A great starting place is by watching a film, entitled, “Nefarious“. And visit the National Human Trafficking Resources Center to learn more about this modern  and widespreadform of slavery.
  • Some people lack the resources needed to improve their daily livesthink about ways to get them connected to public resources and knowledge centers like libraries and community and social service centers. Websites like www.USA.gov is a great starting place.
  • Donating things you no longer use to organizations like the American Kidney Fund, the GoodWill and the Salvation Army help to provide medical services, create jobs in your community, provide disaster relief and a plethora of other social services.
  • Sometimes, sending a simple greeting card to people who are hurting, or being kind to the person who is ostracized and mis-treated by others, can deliver them from the bondage of depression because your kindness shows them that someone actually cares for them. You can make some by hand, and send others by e-mail and social media. Someecards.com is a good place to start.
  • Help someone to bounce back from a health scare, or who is trying to live healthier, in general. Two blogs which I personally follow and read are “Being Natural On a Budget” by Frugal Bohemian, and check out a great article by Mariaroseholistic on making good decisions at the grocery store.

We have a lot of choices. And the choices we make can help someone else to become free. Post some other ways through which people can become free on this blog in your reply.

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