Day #7 – I’m thankful for dance

Dancing is like breathing to me. It’s the one thing I do to get away from the world around me and become one with the beat of a drum, or the melody of a song. And like music, dancing has been an integral part of my upbringing and way of life.

Some of my earliest memories consist of me either making music, or dancing to music. And while I was making the music, I was dancing in my head, or patting my feet on the floor 🙂

My first dance teachers were the kids in my neighborhood who were mixing some of the latest dance styles they saw on In Living Color and Soul Train with the dance steps that had been passed down to them from our ancestors. I also learned cheerleading and tumbling/gymnastics and all the while getting a daily dosage of dance lessons from King of Pop Michael Jackson, Princess of R&B Janet Jackson and everyone’s favorite cheerleader Paula Abdul and the untouchable MC Hammer 🙂 From there, I picked-up tap, ballet, and other classical styles, and now I blend it all together. (My favorite dancers are the aforementioned and Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham.)

Like music, dance teaches us about the cultures of the world, and helps us to gain an appreciation for the world around us and the diversities of people therein. It also serves as an outlet for creative expression. And as I said about music in my previous post, if there is a feeling, or emotion, then there’s probably a dance for it. And if music is the husband, then dance is the wife. Dance is the equivalent to poetry on a page.

I don’t have a favorite kind of dance— I just like dancing! (So, maybe I devote more time to Ballet, African and Brazilian dance— but it’s okay.)

I take this time to reflect on dancing, and why I’m thankful for it.

God, I thank you for dance.

What’s your favorite kind of dance? Who are your favorite dancers?

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