30 Days of Thankfulness, Challenges

Day #8- I’m thankful for the ability to walk

And I don’t just walk: I strut. Walk with my swag. Sidewalk. Power Walk. Walk up stairs. RUN up stairs. I also hop, skip and jump 🙂 And all of this is without any assistance from a person, crutch, walker, cane, stick, or any other object. I’m grateful 🙂

I remember when I had injured my foot a couple of years ago. Walking was a chore and I was singing the blues! That downtime helped me to appreciate my ability to walk and be mobile, in general. It also helped me to take better care of my body— TDarris doesn’t like being down.

So, I take this time to think about the fact that I can walk! I can run! I can, leap, skip, hop, jump and whirl, whirl, whirl! Lord, I thank you for good health, and I thank you for my ability to move, and I thank you for my ability to walk 🙂

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