30 Days of Thankfulness, Challenges

Day #12 – I’m thankful for computers

Some of my earliest memories involve me playing on the Mac OS computer in my parents’ bedroom during weekend mornings. It was essentially a corded gray box, with a small screen, a keyboard, and a square mouse— which I thought was simply amazing.

It opened up new worlds to me. On it, I played educational games and explored the operating system while trying to satisfy every possible whim a little kid could imagine that was worth trying to understand about the gray box with the small screen, square mouse and keyboard which sat on the table in my parents’ bedroom each weekend.

Although the computer was intended for educational use by one of my brother, I still found ample opportunities to explore this technology which would set me on the course for a life that has grown and evolved as computer technology has evolved.

I don’t want to focus today’s post on myself and how I use computers. I want to focus today’s post on a little boy who learned how to speak English using Duolingo— an app which I have been using for over a year in order to stay fresh on my French and Spanish, and to pick-up German and Portuguese.

I am thankful that God has blessed mankind with the ability to create evolving technologies which allow us to connect to the cultures and languages of the world and to immerse ourselves in them (at least in the “second-person…[I hope I said that right :-)]).

So, I take this time to reflect on the many benefits I enjoy as one who basically walks around with a computer in her pocket, and uses them for work, in daily living, and explores them as a hobby.

God, I thank you for computers 🙂

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