30 Days of Thankfulness, Challenges

Day #13 – I’m thankful for paper (late post)

Paper. We kill trees to get it. We press it. Dye it. Weigh it. Design it. Then, we ship so that others can write on it. Afterwards it usually ends up on a shelf, but ultimately in the trash (or as some form of trash).

But here’s the bright side: some of the world’s most important and influential letters, laws, songs, poems and speeches have been written on paper. And let’s not forget about those love letters which soldiers sent home to their favorite gals while they waited to return home to them after military wars and conflicts.

Paper is also said to help help people to learn information better than on digital screens and other media. I don’t think I have to elaborate to much more in order to drive home the fact that paper is one of the most important and mis-used tools mankind has. (I really wish we could use it more efficiently in order to help to conserve trees, other natural resources.)

In the Name of Jesus, God I take this opportunity to thank You for paper and for all the good things which You have enabled humanity to do with it.

Today, I’m featuring a video, entitled, A World Without Paper which is posted at YouTube. Check it out and leave your thoughts on this video and today’s post.

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