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I serve as the Communications and Media Director at my church, and I was recently approached by one of our youth ministries to help to launch a grassroots social media movement to encourage other Christians to #Neverloseconnection with Jesus Christ. This effort was inspired by the apparent apathy for and disconnect from Jesus Christ, and the Church, which I think can be observed across the nation and around the world amongst some Christ-professing individuals.

Although I already had a lot on my plate, and consider myself as an enthusiastic social media student more than a social media expert, I agreed to help them out, and I must say that this has been quite an experience. I’ll share more about this experience later.

An aspect of this movement is to encourage Christians to make short videos through which they encourage other Christians to #Neverloseconnection with Jesus Christ— today, I’m sharing my video. So, you get to see me doing what I do (or, should I say: “try to do”!)

Here goes!

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