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Writing Samples



I’ve recently published a book of poems I wrote as a teenager in 2016. It’s available at, and it’s available for free if you click here. It’s entitled, “Stuff I Wrote from My Heart— The Ingenue“. “The Ingenue” is the first of a series of poetry chapbooks I’ve written. The next chapbook is forthcoming.


Although I’ve written many essay in college and graduate school, I do like to research and write about topics which interest me. Here are some of my personal essays.


Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI)

Press Releases

Communications Policy

I’ve previously gained ten years of experience as a communications and media director at a church called Memorial Tabernacle Christian Life Center. I helped the organization to develop its communications and media policies in key areas like information coordination, calendaring, the usage of member image and likeness in our publications, event communications planning, and volunteer team member roles, descriptions and volunteer policies.

I also created the organization’s template for press releases to media organizations. My work also included the development of the organization’s communications and media plan, in addition to making sign-up forms and reading schedules, and developing and conducting surveys to help church leaders to get things done.

Websites & Webpages

www.FYIFergYouth.orgI volunteer as a Communications Assistant at the Ferguson Youth Initiative. In addition to website updates and copywriting and copyediting, I also assist the Director with grant writing, marketing and social media management.

www.GoodPoetry.orgI manage an online poetry journal with a simple mission to celebrate and promote poetry and literacy amongst all ages. I serve as the publication’s general editor, and I also do narrations for some of its videos. Thus far, I have created all the content featured at

Social Media Sites

The Ferguson Youth Initiative (@fyifergyouth) has several social media sites, but I personally help to manage @fyifergyouth’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I also manage the GoodPoetry Journal‘s social media on Facebook. Some of GoodPoetry’s videos are also featured on my personal YouTube Channel @TeyunaDarris.


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MTCLC Esther Women's Ministry Monthly Fellowship Flyer

PowerPoint Presentations

NLF Minimum Wage Group PowerPoint Presentation, 04.05.2018



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