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I’m a Substitute Teacher

I’m a substitute teacher. And I’ve worked as a substitute teacher off-and-on since 2011. I have to admit that I did not like the idea of trying to manage a classroom of students who would likely give me a hard time because, to them, I was “just the Sub”, and I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of having to adjust, and re-adjust, to new learning environments and circumstances each day I worked— but it’s the nature of the job.

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30 Days of Thankfulness, Challenges

Day #24 – I’m thankful for my mom

My mom is a gracious lady. And I’m grateful for the commitment she has had to our family our entire lives. If it were not for her (and my daddy), I would not be the person I am today.

Commitment and strength define her, and make me proud to call her mom. Sometimes, I wonder how I’m going to get through a project, meeting, or even some minor conflict— but, after I think about the fact that my mom gave birth to 9 children, I figure that I can endure these little challenges!

Today, I am sending this post to my mom via e-mail in order to let her know that I told the world that she is GREAT, I’m thankful for her, and that I love her.

Each year I play The Intruders’ 1973 hit song, I’ll Always Love My Momma— that’s why it’s featured in this blog, today.

God, I thank you for my mom 🙂

[Dear Readers: I would post a photo of my mom, but she would have a hissy-fit— so, I’ll post some flowers instead.]

So, Readers…tell us why you’re thankful for your mom in the comments below 🙂