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How to Make a Chapbook

Here’s a great way to make a handmade poetry chapbook using the YourStory thermal book binder (and laminating) machine. This was the first time I had used a thermal machine of this sort to make books. Prior to this I’ve only used a glue gun, or just made books using the “saddle stich” (or, staple bound) method.

Moreover, I made this video using the WeVideo mobile app. I’m trying to gain skills making good quality videos using mobile apps, and of course, my Nikon video camera and video software.

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“Puente” by Nicolás Guillén



Hay un arco tendido
que hace viajar la flecha
de tu voz.


Hay un ala que rema
recta, hacia el sol.
De polo a polo a una
secreta información.

¿Qué más?

Estar alerta
para el duro remar;
y toda el alma abierta
de par en par.

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A Pretty Poem

A Pretty Poem by Teyuna T. Darris