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Those Christians & Stuff

I often come across YouTube videos and Internet articles through which people of different ages, and backgrounds, ask questions about Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christians, the Bible, the Church, church culture, etc., and other topics, as it pertains to these. It’s been on my heart to answer the questions through my blog, for now.

No, I’m not a pastor, or a clergymember. I am a Christian who studies the Bible and seeks to do what it says— and sometimes I get it right, and other times, I don’t, just like the Bible said would happen.

So, feel free to send any questions you may have on any of these, and other topics, and what the Bible says about them, and I will do my best to answer you. Also, I may have guest bloggers to respond to some of your questions, too— sometimes, they do a better job at explaining things than I do. Either way, we’ll post the responses to your questions on this blog.

The purpose of this page is just to help others to get a better understanding of Jesus Christ and Christianity and what the Bible says about them, and other things we deal with in life. Both Christians and non-Christians are welcome to post questions on this page.

You can send your questions to me at, or post them in the comments section of this page. You are welcome to send your questions anonymously, if you’d like.

Check out this video, called, “What in the World is a Christian?” by Impact Videos Productions. Their YouTube Channel can be found here.

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“Good Night and Good Luck”

Someone might think I’m a nerd for posting this. But, I wrote an essay in grad school about a film directed by George Clooney and Grant Heslov, entitled, “Good Night and Good Luck“. The film explores media influence on public opinion. I’m not sure if you’re a history buff, but it uses the controversial and highly publicized 1954 conflict between seasoned journalist Ed Murrow and then-Junior U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy on Communism.

If you don’t know about the conflict, read up on it! Or, you can take the easy road and watch this great film.

Read my essay and leave comments: Good Night and Good Luck— An Observation


Day #1 – I’m Thankful for Teyuna

Teyuna T. Darris—what can I say? She’s my favorite person, best friend, confidante, and quite frankly, is pretty awesome. Oh, and she’s me (LOL!). Let me put it this way— I thank God for making me 🙂